open source vs commercial unified communicationseZuce provides the lion’s share of development effort going into the sipXcom open source communications system. We also maintain a commercial version of this system that we call Uniteme. Our product portfolio is rounded out with Reachme, a commercial grade SIP based Contact Center solution that integrates with Uniteme and Viewme which is a video collaboration and delivery system.

I often get asked to describe the differences between sipXcom and Uniteme and why somebody would purchase a system they can get for free. Of course the best reason to have a commercial product is that you can actually call somebody to get help and get a Service Level Agreement instead of waiting on an email from a mailing list. That’s kind of important when the boss is breathing down your neck…

These are some important feature differences between the two products that are of particular interest to commercial and larger customers:

Redundant Media Services

Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Message Waiting Indicator and Music on Hold can be distributed across multiple servers. Not only is this great if there are potential server or network issues, but it also helps with wide area network load when designing a solution to meet an organization’s needs.

Administrator Roles

In larger system deployments there are typically different levels of engineers who need to work on a communications system. A system administrator might not want a junior engineer to be able to modify call routing but yet allow them to add and remove users from the system. Administrator Roles allow the system admin to control who can do what in the system.


Full support for Polycom’s Hoteling feature. The Hoteling feature enables users to use any available shared phone by logging into a guest profile. After logging in, users have access to their own profile and settings on the shared phone. This feature is available on Polycom SoundPoint IP 450, 550, 560, and 650 phones, and VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, 600, and 1500 business media phones.

Unite Web

The new user portal in sipXcom is called Unite Lite. Unite Web is Unite Lite plus Instant Messaging in the browser interface. By delivering Instant Messaging via a web browser, it’s one less application to load on all of an enterprise’s computers.

Enhanced e911

Emergency calling is a big issue at our larger customers. The Enhanced e911 services available in Uniteme allow the system to interact with Conveyant’s Sentry 911 Solution. This solution can update phone location information automatically in Uniteme so that the proper location information is sent to your Public Service Answering Point (PSAP).

Session State Services and Shared Appearance Agent

SSS and SAA are our commercial re-write of sipXblf and sipXbla respectively. These services provide Busy Lamp Field and Bridged Line Appearances for phones. The new solution supports more than 5000 BLF and BLA appearances.

Custom IVR

The ability to upload custom IVR LUA to Freeswitch and connect it with a system extension allows system administrators to build complex call routing functions that are not available in sipXcom.


Customers of the commercial product have access to eZuce commercial documentation.

Reachme Integration

While sipXcom (and Uniteme) have Call Queue available for simple call queueing needs, Reachme is available to be added-on to Uniteme as an advanced Contact Center application. This is a sophisticated skills based routing Contact Center with integrated Reporting and Call Recording.

Viewme Integration

Viewme can be integrated with both Uniteme and sipXcom for video collaboration needs. The client application functions as a SIP softphone as well as a video collaboration tool. There deeper integration for Uniteme with the ability of the Viewme client to get its SIP configuration from Uniteme and to act as a ‘super-client’ that meets all Video, Voice and IM communications needs.

Support Options

Support is another area of difference for sipXcom and Uniteme. For Uniteme we offer ProCare  support contracts with a Service Level Agreement. For sipXcom we offer ProCare for sipXcom incident based support that can be purchased in packs.

I hope this helps people understand the differences between sipXcom and Uniteme. We at eZuce hope that there are some features that would be useful to your organization beyond the awesome support our TAC and Engineering teams provide. As always if you have any questions about the sipXcom open source project or the Uniteme Unified Communications solution please contact us!

More About the sipXcom Project:

From 2010 to 2015, sipXecs primary development contributions were provided by the development team at eZuce, Inc. The sipXcom open source communications project was established in January of 2015 from a fork in the sipXecs project by the development team at eZuce, Inc. With the creation of sipXcom, this team shifted its focus to contributing to the new project and no longer maintains sipXecs code nor participate in the SIPfoundry forums.

The experts who have helped to build sipXecs into the incredible product that it is will be found in the Google Groups ( and (