sipxcom navigationThe sipXcom menus have been a bit of a jumbled mess for a while due to how components were added to the system and the menus then being built dynamically. The System menu was also overly long, often times requiring scrolling to see the entire menu.

The developers spent the time to figure out how to solve the menu problems. Starting with version 18.08, sipXcom has dynamically built alphabetized menus and submenus as well.

New sipXcom Users menu:

users menu sipxcom

New sipXcom Devices menu is almost as short:

devices menu sipxcom

As you add Features to the sipXcom system they’ll appear in this menu:

features menu sipxcom

New sipXcom System menu with sub-menus:

system menu sipxcom

And finally the sipXcom Diagnostics menu:

diagnostics menu sipxcom

More About the sipXcom Project:

From 2010 to 2015, sipXecs primary development contributions were provided by the development team at eZuce, Inc. The sipXcom open source communications project was established in January of 2015 from a fork in the sipXecs project by the development team at eZuce, Inc. With the creation of sipXcom, this team shifted its focus to contributing to the new project and no longer maintains sipXecs code nor participate in the SIPfoundry forums.

The experts who have helped to build sipXecs into the incredible product that it is will be found in the Google Groups ( and (