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End Points and Clients

sipXcom supports a number of manufacturers such as Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, CounterPath, Linphone, and most SIP compliant end points.  These devices can be integrated with the system administration portal to be provisioned and managed from within sipXcom. Polycom phones are managed  today.


sipXcom systems typically require connectivity to PSTN, MPLS, SIP trunking and other networks services.  The use of media gateways, switches, routers and session border controls is commonplace. sipXcom has been tested and integrated with these devices to ensure quality of service.


With an extensive set of APIs, sipXcom is easy to integrate with third party telecom and business applications. There are many extensions to the systems intrinsic capabilities such as call recording, call accounting, paging, and e911 to name a few that are satisfied through third party integrations.

Network Services

SIP Trunking has become synonymous with Voice over IP networking, however, businesses continue to require POTS, T1/E1 and other traditional circuits. Whether you operate a private MPLS network or connect via public internet, network services play a very important part in any sipXcom solution.

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End points, Interconnectivity, Applications and Network Services

It’s easy to get listed on the sipXcom web site as a supported solutions component. To qualify as a supported component, your device, application or network service must be in a sipXcom production environment and demonstrate consistent quality and performance as reported by the sipXcom user that is in production. To get listed as a sipXcom supported component, fill out the form below and we will contact you to determine component readiness for listing.

There is no cost to become listed. ASK ABOUT HOW YOU CAN CERTIFY YOUR sipXcom COMPONENT!

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