November 9, 2017


eZuce is pleased to announce the Beta Release of sipXcom 17.10. As a beta release, some of these notes may be revised before the actual release.

This release of sipXcom contains only a small set of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

IANT has contributed high availability paging to the system. A word of caution about using this as the paging service will still open a voice call to each phone in the paging group and is not optimized to use the ‘closest server’.

Dev & QA teams at eZuce have been busy as usual. Much of the on-going work is on the next generation of sipXcom. Stay tuned (or watch the docker branches in Github)!


sipXcom New Features:

  • Highly Available Paging Services

sipXcom Improvements:

  • New “No Group” user filter in Admin Portal
  • Add additional verbosity to Proxy Auth Plugin
  • Add Intercom settings for Snom devices


  1. Full Beta Release Notes with installation information are located here: 17.10 Full Beta Release Notes


Who Should Install?

This is a beta release and not recommended for production use.

This release is recommended for all 4.6 and later installations.



Please post to the sipXcom-users google group if you have questions.!forum/sipxcom-users

Specific Issues Addressed

Specific issues can be located in the detailed release notes in the wiki at: