sipxcom jitsi perfect pairingsipXcom’s Jitsi Provisioning Support Overview

Jitsi desktop client has been around for many years and is one of the premiere softphones available in the Open Source community. Jitsi started life as SIP Communicator and supports SIP calling for voice and video calling as well as XMPP for instant messaging. It’s feature set is particularly well suited for working with sipXcom. Jitsi is available for Windows, Mac and Linux allowing an enterprise to satisfy the softphone needs of a broad range of users. just announced version 2.10 of the client with a number of improvements ( We thought it would be a good time to review sipXcom’s provisioning for the community.


sipXcom has had provisioning support for Jitsi since just after provisioning was added to the client (sipXcom version 15.10). You’ll find the documentation for this in the sipXcom Wiki . With this capability an administrator can pre-configure Jitsi for their users and then all a user needs to do is enter their userid and password to have Jitsi configured automatically.



The process flow to configure sipXcom and Jitsi is:




Let’s walk through these steps. We’ll skip the first step and select a user that already exists on our demo server.

Configuring sipXcom

Add a Jitsi Phone to sipXcom

Navigate to Devices -> Phones, click on the ‘Ad new phone…’ drop-down box and select Jitsi (shown below):

sipxcom Jitsi Add New Phone


For the ‘Serialnumber’ pick something that represents the user of the phone (if this were a hard phone you’d be putting the MAC address in here). Enter a description and if you manage your phones by phone group (you should), enter the phone group name. Click OK after you enter the information as shown below:

sipxcom serial number


Add the User to the Phone

In the list of phones click on the phone you just added and then click on ‘Lines’ in the left side menu. You will see the following page:

sipxcom add new line


Click on Add Line and enter the user name and click the ‘Search’ button (or just click ‘Search’ to see all users). Place a checkmark next to the user to add to the phone and click the ‘Select’ button.

The Lines page will be displayed again as shown below with the line added to the phone. Click on the ‘Apply’ button and then click on ‘Identification’ in the left side menu.

Send the Phone Profile

On the phone’s Identification page, click on the ‘Send Profiles’ button as seen below:

sipxcom send phone profiles


On the Send Profiles page, uncheck the ‘Automatically restart’ checkbox as it’s not needed and then click OK. The phone profile is now ready for use by Jitsi.


sipxcom Automatically restart


Configuring Jitsi

Configure Jitsi’s Provisioning URL

When you start Jitsi for the first time after installing (download / install from here: the following will be displayed:

Click on ‘Use online provisioning’ and then the following options screen will be shown:

Configure Jitsi sipxcom

Click on ‘Use online provisioning’ and then the following options screen will be shown:

Jitsi provisioning


Select ‘Manually specify a provisioning URI’ and enter the following URL:



XXXX = The IP address or Hostname of the Primary sipXcom server

YYY = A valid system username

ZZZZZZZZ = The valid system username’s password


*If you want to use DHCP to automatically distribute the provisioning URI you can utilize DHCP Option 66 and in the provisioning URL that you add, use any valid system username / password (remember that these will go out in DHCP in clear text…

Close the Options page, and click on the ‘Cancel’ button in Jitsi. You need to exit Jitsi and re-start it to pick up the provisioning URI.

Login to Jitsi

If you don’t have a valid system certificate configured on your sipXcom server you’ll see the following warning:

Jitsi verify certificate

Click on ‘Continue anyway’ and Jitsi will prompt for ‘Identifier’ (username) and ‘Password’. Enter the username and the password and then click ‘OK’ as shown below:

Jitsi authentication

Assuming that you’ve sent phone profiles, entered a proper provisioning URL and entered a valid user / password combination Jitsi should start and show your user as follows:

sipxcom Jitsi




Click on the dial pad icon and try dialing your auto attendant to ensure all is working properly

(by default in sipXcom this would be extension 100).











sipXcom and Jitsi are a match made in Open Source heaven. By utilizing both, an organization can have a robust and feature-rich platform to enable voice, video and instant messaging for all users.

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