eZuce is pleased to announce the GA Release of sipXcom 19.08.

This will be a fairly light update with only bug fixes for sipXcom. Sorry for the slight delay, we hit a couple of items in QA that we wanted to get sorted out.


sipXcom Improvements:

  • Bug fixes


  1. Full Beta Release Notes with installation information are located here: 19.08 Full Beta Release Notes
  2. 19.08 is now released on CentOS 7 only. This will require that administrators install CentOS 7 minimal, then install Uniteme with our single line installer and then restore from a previous version backup.

Who Should Install?

New software releases are made at a rate of two to four releases a year. Releases are numbered in the <yy>.<mm>.<uu> format where <yy> and <mm> designate the year and the month, respectively, in which a release is made generally available. Where applicable, <uu> corresponds to an update release relative to a general release on which fixes are made available.


Please post to the sipXcom-users google group if you have questions.!forum/sipxcom-users