sipXcom GA Release 16.12.1

March 21, 2016


eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability Release of sipXcom 16.12.1.

This mid-release update of 16.12 addresses some immediate issues discovered in 16.12 and includes a few of the new features and improvements that will be making their official debut in 17.04.

Also as always, thanks to the Dev & QA team at eZuce for their excellent work on this release. Our QA team worked tirelessly over a weekend to help bring this bugfix release out in a timely fashion. Thanks also to IANT for a number of fixes to Yealink devices.

In all 19 issues (enhancements / fixes) are addressed for sipXcom in this update release.

The next sipXcom release will be 17.04.


sipXcom New Features:

  • Unite Lite (new user Portal) Admin Control over User Features
  • Unite Lite user control over Conference Bridge Entry / Exit tones
  • Unite Lite user control over Conference Bridge Voice Announce of Entry / Exit

sipXcom Improvements:

  • Improvements to Yealink phone configurations (Thanks IANT!)
  • REST API to create/modify a user/user group and set properties
  • Improved CDR display in Unite Lite for users.
  • Added duration and ability to select Time Zones.

sipXcom Special Notes:

  • If your organization utilizes Polycom phones and has many users without Voicemail permission, UC-4376 is of particular importance.


  1. Full Release Notes with installation information are located here:
  2. The 16.12.1 repo location is the same as the 16.12 repo location so a simple ‘yum update’ should get you updated if you have not modified the repo file.

Who Should Install?

This release is recommended for all 4.6 and later installations.


Please post to the sipXcom-users google group if you have questions.!forum/sipxcom-users

Specific Issues Addressed

Specific issues can be located in the detailed release notes in the wiki at: